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Why Mummy banned Fireman Sam (Americanisms in UK Kids TV shows) - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS - Why Mummy banned Fireman Sam -

Mummy banned Fireman Sam, because one too many times our son called mummy "MAM".

We are not Welsh.

Or, as she put it: "I'm not Norman Price's Mum"


Being a cartoon script editor working on American co-productions, a lot of time's spent trying to tone down Americanisms in the dialogue (sorry, dialog).

Trying to purge words like Math, 911, Fall season, smores, Mac n Cheese, or my personal worst: candy.

But when parents (like myself) moan about US dominance in English language shows, we forget about the other regional phrases and idioms:

Look at this one, the way every episode of ME TOO! is introduced:

Come away in with you.

What does that even mean?

Who cares? Kids get what she's saying.

So maybe complaints about Americanisms risk being about all kids shows sounding correct in Southern England.

That'd be a foine day in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia etc. etc. etc.

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