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Why blogging is a bit like writing a standup routine - or Tweets for the blog - treating a blog like a standup routine

Don't usually post about what it's like putting things on this blog.

I only put things on here to have somewhere to find them again.

So there doesn't seem much point in optimising the blog (or SEO or any of those other ghastly phrases) to get more hits by search:

Getting a mass number of hits isn't that helpful or interesting as building a smaller audience, but a smaller audience who might come back more than once.

(I'm not doing this to be, say a reference work on a niche subject - just want to share work-in-progress material with an audience who might dig this kind of stuff.)

But to make the ideas better, it helps to try them out a few times.

And that's where blogging is a bit like writing standup material.

Building a 5 minute routine through gigging to tweak the wording, or break out other ideas, or join sections together. You could even push the simile further, and treat comments and @replies as heckling (or even just normal audience feedback like a laugh).

So, online, that means putting out posts more than once...

...and maybe linking them back to a single page, or grand work, that builds over time.

Here's my list I'm trying out on rotation... (that's basically all coming together here).
(Some of the links below are deliberately inactive - slowly rewriting them to the more twitter-friendly Hootsuite links which are clickable...)

5 Ways To Bust Writer's Block And You Know, All That Putting It Off Kind Of Business

8 rejected daughter names...

10 Ways You Know You Spend Too Much Time On Twitter

Best Awards Acceptance Speech Ever (tweeting this at night will give you nightmares)

Chatting up a signer for the deaf while she is a work is the hardest thing a man can do (Dad Lessons for my Kids...)

How not to do toddler hair cuts

Love when Dad calls to ask what web says about thing that cant be said by papers or TV.We'll never have this time again

Often find my attention span for abortion views influenced by whether they can pass a bowling ball between their legs

People who have to sit behind David Cameron when he gives a speech (Four Blogs I havent yet started)

The fiver makes a welcome return to our local cashpoint...

Top 3 Cbeebies ladies - someone asked me to name them


And now... A Classified Ad break (Got a local paper? Got any more of these?)

Awesome story: How did Scrappy Doo happen?

Bad news. (Graphics)

Because I'm a Dad... I did this...

Best action scene, ever, ever, ever...

Best Pitch Invasion... Ever (will never tire of this)

Blow jobs from BBC South (and other TV News Graphics...)

Boobs: Why they are not metric in the UK

Cameraman riding on a Segway, live on a Test Match pitch. What could possibly go wrong?

County? East of England? Suffork.

Dad maths. Tightwads more like.

Engelbert Humperdinck in 1979. One of my most favourite pieces of television.

Find my attention span for views on abortion is influenced by whether they can pass a bowling ball between their legs

Five ways to bust writer's block and procrastination

Here is a bunch of stuff I put together because I am a Dad

How to stop people who need to steal baby milk from stealing baby milk

I tried recreating that Athena "Man with Baby" poster. That was a good idea.

It's a dishwasher. Whatever you do, don't call it “Mummys Computer”. (Dad Lessons for my Kids)

My 3 favourite videos shot in TV control rooms...

My Favourite 100 TV Moments

My life according to Tesco

Today, I am wearing my bag like Carrie from Homeland

Words I have had to add manually to my android phone dictionary

You cant use your mobile in a petrol station forecourt. But you can sell BBQ coal, lighter fluid & briquettes

"Fence Behind Your Head" (...from my Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery)

20 ways to write webseries tweets that might get bigger responses

All my useful places for web series creators Enjoy! #webseries

Artist with Permanent Red on Whiteboard (a little something from our Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery)...

Camden Council and their optimistic concrete branding

Currently at the first stages of pulling together my all-time favourite 100 TV clips... List here

Daddanomics in action (Dad Lessons for my Kids)

Dance Routines of the Rich and Famous

Equal amounts of food for girlfriend. Or appropriate (but unfair) portions... hmmm

Giving away your material for free... Is it safe? Or right?

Green Crayon Squiggles at Sofa's End (Friday Night Toddler Art Gallery)

Here is a list of words meaning "great". Got any others?

Here's how to put off writing just a little bit longer... 5 Ways To Bust Writer's Block And Procrastination

Heres a link to the Official House of Lies app for ipad, android and nook - its awesome and its free

Heres my favourite Steadicam shot... in the world... ever Thanks to Eurovision...

Heres my list of Sat Nav phrases in songs. So far... I have two. Got any others?

Hitler Cats who hate South West Trains monopoly. #swt

How much does Camden Council love clamping?

How to break a new story from scratch or crick one back into shape

How to live your life with Tina Fey's Improv Rules

How to tell your audience that your web series isnt real life? The Ludic Marker. #webseries

I know this question is worded weird, but what is your Stars In Their Eyes?

i think i bought a pair of directors trainers

I want to live with the Cbeebies presenters. They can afford to do potato prints on an Orla Kiely tablecloth.

I was born tomorrow, today i live, yesterday killed me

I'm in a long-term relationship. We've gone through three loo seats.

Is it right the Man leads on all Eldery Crossing signs, like here?

Jingles on local radio stations. What do the singers look like?

Love that breasts are measured in inches. Not yards or metric

Love this - Complete list of every kind of story or plot...

Managed to put some of my amazing world-changing ideas into one place

Me VS. Lang Lang's Dad

Men. Admit it. Using GPS is essentially asking for directions.

Metric boobs. Why we don't have them in the UK.

Mitch Hedberg: comedian shrine

My 10 favourite bits of the web that get a bigger response than the creator planned...

My 2 year old loves recognising both Brian May & Andrew Marr on the telly. I feel a KILLER cbeebies pitch coming on!

My Derren Brown stunt on the train

My favourite comedian

My top 10 upsides of recovering from a Boris Bike crash

My top 5 favourite Seth Godin posts...

New product ideas: NIKEA. Shoes you put together yourself.

One of my favourite TV characters: Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation...

One of the most famous men in the world. Davis Beckham.

Other questions I have as a Dad...

Other things Sid James might have laughed at, if he had still been alive when they happened

Our 8 rejected daughter names...

Perfectly Smooth Mash ("as used by professional chefs")

Pipkins. Am I the only one with this scorched in my brain?

Playground Insult Update... (from The RDA)

Put all my favourite free places on the web into one place If only to have somewhere to find them

QR Codes That Suck... The blog.

Quick way to generate character names for your webseries

Radio jingle night

Recreating that Athena Poster...

Sat Nav phrases in songs. Got any others?

She's groping his bum. It says Elderly People crossing, but she is groping his bum.

Shield your face from perfume...

Sick Mum poetry

Some bits of social media that aint that great...

Some Xmas gift ideas I got from my junk mail last year...

Someone cuts you up? Tailgating? Want to send them a message?

Still my favourite blog. It's like a magic eye poster.

Subtle hints from the Tesco supermarket

Tampax getting us ready for 2012...

Technically... Guess this is where baby powder is meant to go?

Thanks for all your help with the family name for Girls Bits - the full list so far is here

The difference between Copyright and Copyleft -best video Ive seen on webseries funding #sopa

The House of Lies app is AWESOME. Im biased. But its free. #houseoflies

The Ludic Marker - Its the thing that tells your audience that your web series isnt real life: #webseries

The most compelling and disturbing cartoon I have ever seen

These are all my Dad fashion tips. Right here.

This is how I answer the phone

This is what it's like being a Dad

Time for a Classified Ad Break...

Today I am wearing my bag like Carrie from Homeland

Tour De France - my fave clips:

Transform your hobs! (note: remove before using hob)

Tried to come up with a complete list of brand new band names

Turns out those fish that nibble at your feet are USELESS on beer guts

Turns out watching Rastamouse with my son doesn't count as raising him bilingual.

Want to hear the worst/best script note I ever received?

What do you think: It all looks innocent, but that woman is clearly groping his bum...

What else could Camden Council clamp?

What it's like being a Dad

What its like trying to write new material

What its like writing on an ipad app for a tv series

What those radio jingle singers really look like...

What was it like when your ITV region ruled the world?

Whats the etiquette in paying for takeaways for hosts? When you visit "for dinner" but then expected to split the bill?

When TV graphics go bad...

Who is the real millionaire...

Why dont we have Metric Boobs in the UK?

Why YouTube vids view counts freeze at 301...

Working on a "social media strategy"? Take a break:

You cant use your mobile on petrol station forecourt. But you can sell BBQ coal, lighter fluid & firestarter briquettes

Here's why I'm doing all this, and how to follow me

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