Saturday, 29 September 2012

The RDA with John Gordillo - S1E02PT1

The second episode of The Recommended Daily Allowance on BBC Choice, 4th July 2000

The RDA with John Gordillo - S1E02PT1

0:00 No studio audience, so legitimate ticket holding members of the audience invited down onto the stage. BBC Staff left on the stage. Countdown to record.
1:42 Title sequence - "show smaller than actual size"
2:12 "I accept your nomination! Four more years!", 5th Anniversary of "Independence Day", David Beckham and Victoria Beckham celebrate first anniversary, Cancer lottery, John Gordillo lookalike contest in Russia,
4:20 Recruitment Ad for Social Workers with weird photo
4:53 Mission Impossible 2 (M:I-2) - the controversy: John Woo, Dougray Scott, Ving Rames
6:33 The Happy Palestinian
7:20 Cabinet Ministers cut to the music of Vangellis. Tonight, the many faces of David Blunkett MP
8:10 Tonight's guest - Howard Hodgson

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