Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blogs I haven't yet started - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

Blogs I haven't yet started - DAD LESSONS FOR MY KIDS

Here are a bunch of ideas for blogs that I haven't started.

If you have any submissions for these, I would LOVE to see your pictures!
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Rastamouse Subtitles of the Day

If you haven't seen the subtitling of Rastamouse, you're missing one of the most delightful things on TV.

Irie, man!

Me really sorry me cause
all this hoo-ha, Rastamouse.

Clayder-man Or Lang-Lang-man

Here's a bit of piano playing.

Using your skill and judgement, can you tell if it's (Richard) Clayderman, or (Lang Lang) Lang-Lang-man.

Stuff that is on my stairs

People who have to sit behind David Cameron when he gives a speech


How do you get a ticket for that gig?

Is it like the Olympics?


I think that they are all just using him to recreate that Bullingdon Club photo.


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