Friday, 7 September 2012


Welcome to the tenth Friday night opening of our gallery of Toddler Art.
Basically, our kids destroying the house, one installation at a time, while we're not looking.
It all started with “Sprinkles

Then came Green Crayon Squiggles at Sofa's End, "Fence Behind Your Head", "Artist with Permanent Red on Whiteboard", "Freedom Corner", "Pencil Food", "Pencil Food Oh", "Two Lines from my Doctor's Desk", and last week "Lines Behind The Dining".

This week it's...

#10 - Telephone Line

Blue Crayola Crayon on Crown Pure Brilliant White Premium Matt emulsion for interior walls & ceilings

This is one of the many works by The Artists which could be put in their category of "Blink and you'll miss it".

And maybe that is the point of this work.

Maybe it's a play on the concept of grass roots communication. A simple line next to a landline socket that no longer works. A termination point.
And we'll only see it if we're looking for it.

Who knows how many more of these we'll find around the house.

Next week: “Hand Traffic Brown”.

All of the works in the Toddler Art Gallery are here.

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