Monday, 30 July 2012

Every post from 2012 so far...

Pulled together a list of every post this year... to repost the favourite ones through August, and clean up Lessons For My Kids...

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Raw Dad Stuff - everything from my DadDesk

I remember when I first saw twitter. It was like the train delay was coming right at me.

Hitler Cats Who Hate South West Trains Monopoly 1

A new list: Sat Nav phrases in songs. Got any others?

I want to use a land train as a family car.

Milton sterilizing fluid. It cleans anything. Why aren’t we putting this stuff on everything?

House Of Lies - official Showtime ipad app

"Quite possibly, the best New York Times correction in history"...

Not everyones got common sense, so why is it called common sense?

What Is A Beta Male?

What word did your family use for 'girl bits'? We've got willy and peanuts for the boy, but the girl?

I love that surgeons compete to outdo each other’s graphical explanation of the operation they are about to perform.

10 Best free online things I use for posting on the web

A story in 2 words. Or the most literal shoe shop on the High Street.

Dad thoughts. Morning telly.

Cashpoint receipts: Like, yes, if the machine cheats you, you've completely got the proof you need.

One of my most favourite things on the net: What Writers Wear.

A List Of Words Associated With Disney

People who are into dangerous animals as pets are really into them. Spose youd have to be what with them being killers and all that

Another way to beat writers block

Whats the etiquette in paying for takeaways for hosts? When you visit "for dinner" but a clear expectation to split the bill?


Why dont we have Metric Boobs in the UK?

Dance Routines of the Rich and Famous.

Here is a list of words meaning "great". Got any others?

10 More new band names. I am better at this than Simon Cowell.

I’m in a long-term relationship. We’ve gone through three loo seats.

I’ll hunt across 3 shelves in a supermarket to save 30p, but when it comes to Council Tax...


This is the BBC. (All-Time Fave TV #8)

Dad Thoughts: Metal Handled Pots

#RawDadStuff - Me Vs. Lang Lang's Dad

My Derren Brown Stunt On The Train

All-Time Fave TV #9 - Mitch Hedberg

Equal Quantities Of Dinner For The Other Half?

The Classified Ad Break - got any others?

Weird gift

Fave TV #10 - Best Action Scene Ever, Ever, Ever

Radio Jingle Night


Why do all Elderly Crossing road signs show an apparently old heterosexual couple?

Someone cuts you up? Tailgating? Want to send them a message?

Fave TV #11 - Pipkins

Watching TV with the kids...

Pub Menus

My all-time favourite scene about TV sitcom writing.

DadDesk: Why am I teaching my toddlers about exotic animals?


Today I am wearing my bag like Carrie from Homeland

Its May. Time to pay my sunglasses for the toddler to break tax.

The most compelling and disturbing cartoon I have ever seen

Subtle hints from @Tesco supermarket (and others...)

Engelbert Humperdinck on the BBC Xmas VT tape 1979 - All-time Fave TV #13

Giving away my material for free


Giving away my material for free

Digital Producer/Writer of Branded Content, at Seven

Why do we do Risk Assessments


Lulworth. Not done yet.

Do you have your own lookalike? -- Update

Social Media that isn't very impressive...

Special Forces words and phrases - real and from fiction

Bad News (Graphics)

Toddler Art - The Full Collection.

I think I bought Directors Trainers

Latest from the DadDesk - "I'll let you go"

How does your wifi box area look? Or round the back of your telly.

How do you answer the phone?

Know your British coins

Favourite things - How to answer the phone to a telemarketing cold caller

How to turn your blog into a webseries

Latest from the DadDesk - Steel Drum Music

Great article - Whatever happened to the YouTube killers

More bad news... (Graphics)

Wondered why YouTube video views freeze at 301?

FRIDAY NIGHT TODDLER ART GALLERY - Green Crayon Squiggles at Sofas End

Sick Mums say the funniest things


Mitch Hedberg dealing with a heckler

Death of a TV platform in our house. ON Digital - ITV Digital RIP.


Top Of The Pops Graphics humour

LESSONS FOR MY KIDS - Rejected daughter names

More social media that isn't very impressive...

FAVE TV #15 - Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation

LESSONS FOR MY KIDS - Optimistic shelf-edge labelling

LESSONS FOR MY KIDS - Harsh financial reality

FRIDAY NIGHT TODDLER ART GALLERY - Artist with Permanent Red on Whiteboard


LESSONS FOR MY KIDS - Recreating that Athena Poster

Latest life in 2012

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