Thursday, 14 June 2012

Toddler Art - The Full Collection.

Basically, our kids destroying the house, one installation at a time, while we're not looking.

Which is your favourite?

Toddler Art #1 - Sprinkles

This one is called: “Can you put that down. Please. No. You can't have any hundreds and.”

#2 - Green Crayon Squiggles at Sofa's End

#3 - Fence Behind Your Head

#4 - Artist with Permanent Red on Whiteboard

#5 - Freedom Corner

#6 - Pencil Food

#7 - Pencil Food Oh

#8 - Two Lines from my Doctor's Desk

#9 - Lines Behind the Dining

#10 - Telephone Line

#11 - Hand Traffic Brown

#12 - Red Green Blue Hallway You

Artist with Red Green Blue Hallway You

#13 - Sofa Light Comms

#14 - Behind The Door...

#15 - Marks Behind Bars

#16 - Marks On The Bars

#17 - Flat Wall or 3-D?

#18 - Green Around The Whiteboard

#19 - Brooklyn Bridge In Red
- New York In Red

#20 - Lines Ajar

#21 - Biro On Sofa

#22 - Sunset Media Horizon

But there's more...

Above, to introduce a third dimension, The Artist has placed a parting shot.

#23 - Crayon Mirror

In the absence of conventional artistic materials, The Artist not only comments on this through the use of a candle... but also eschews his favourite canvas of the wall, to introduce the dining room mirror as a backdrop.

Literally reflecting his work on whomever wants to view.
(It was also nearly impossible to capture this work on camera).

#24 - Hand Food Wall

This work creates and capitalises on negative space.

#25 - Pencil No Food

Almost as an answer to "Pencil Food", after the inevitable repainting The Artist embarked on "Pencil No Food".

Perhaps conveying a frustration or a dissatisfaction with the destruction of the earlier piece.

#26 - Hand Wall Food

Developing the themes of "Hand Food Wall", came this.

#27 - Artist with biro swirl

#28 - Mirror Green Bum

This is the competition:
The structural rhythms are unmistakable and completely instinctive, reflecting an understanding of composition far beyond her years. Complex yet accessible, sophisticated yet unguided, Aelita’s new works communicate a sense of excitement, encouraging the audience to tap into their own inner child.

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