Friday, 22 June 2012

How to turn your blog into a webseries

Uhoh. What? Turn this blog into a web series?

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"...the audience reaps a benefit from following a storyline that can leave people wanting to stay tuned for more, and builds a community of passionate followers who debate with each other on the nuances of the series, making them feel that they are a part of the series itself."

"...anyone who can simply has a webcam and can think like a scriptwriter (and an editor), can build their own web show series that gets an audience more emotionally invested, where they can participate in the story as it unfolds, and dialogue with others in between its breaks."

"...I think there is a lot more impact when people hear video and see me speak, as opposed to people just reading my blog (words). So yes, I really get obsessed with the idea of serialization of a project, and I think video is one of the best ways to do it; and you can do it with a webcam; you don't even need a fancy camera."

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