Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How do you answer the phone?

It started like this

"This Jeremy Hunt. Why don't he just turn it in?" Thats what my dad would have said. Nobody just "turns it in" anymore do they?

My favourite one of your dads was re. your writing: “You doin yer typing, son?”. Cant help it-I always default to that verb now


The same as no one ever says their phone number when they pick up the home phone anymore.


why would anyone ever say their number when picking up home phone, afterall the other person knows number they rang ‪#pointless‬

Good point, but I completely empathise with people who miss doing the 4-digit sing-song.

For me, it's a little long.

I was always jealous of a Director mate who'd answer his mobile with his two-syllable name.

My one syllable name is too abrupt.

Answering with my full name is too silly.

"Sou-than" always hit the right balance between information and informal.

All I've got is, "Hello?"

This is how I actually answer the landline.

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