Thursday, 22 March 2012

Equal Quantities Of Dinner For The Other Half?

When cooking, where do you stand on giving equal food amounts for girlfriends?

Huge equal bowls or more appropriate (but unfair) quantities?

(Just noticed the Tombliboo in the picutre.
It is a Tombliboo. Not my missus.)

When I put this on twitter, here are some of the replies:

If it's early on less but long-term it needs to be so equal that you may need to weigh the portions! :)

If it's a tasty dish, I pad Mrs Ant's plate out with a 'nice side salad'.

I have an "I cooked it, so I get the biggest prawns" rule. A) if there are prawns and B) if I've cooked it.

dont get me started. Such is the effort in our house to have equal (huge) portions,I've put on a stone since moving in together

Huge equal bowls! Standard.

I'm the cook, so I'm in charge :)

the article by @YoniFreedhoff on appropriate portion sizes:
(LOVE idea of correlating my cooking by height! A combined tape scale contraption +a carol vorderman equation to work out share)

I usually put this out to consultation at point of prep and then again at the point of serving. I did consider postal ballot...

why not just ask how much the other person wants? Or let them serve themselves.

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