Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Whats the etiquette in paying for takeaways for hosts? When you visit "for dinner" but a clear expectation to split the bill?

What’s the etiquette in paying for takeaways if you're visiting someone in their home?

If you visit "for dinner", but there's a clear expectation to split the bill?

When you're the host, it seems like a nice thing to offer: Let's get a curry delivered.

It feels like the right thing to do is split the bill - like you would do in a restaurant...

but aren't you expecting guests to chip in for a meal that you'd otherwise be cooking yourself?

So you've been invited round "for dinner".
They don't feel like cooking.
No problem.
They order out.
You're expected to split the bill.

Is that right?

Here are some of your replies:

@femmedomestique COMPLETELY gets the rules already...

If its couples at our house we pay if its at theirs they pay. Girlies together we split everything.

We had neighbours round for first time and they insisted on paying - it felt wrong in my house.

Plus if I'm paying I order the lot!

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  1. I think it is correct, but depends how the invite is worded in the first place. When I visit female friends they normally discuss in advance whether they will be cooking or whether it will be a "let's go Dutch and get chinese" night.

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