Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What Is A Beta Male?

What Is A Beta Male?

A Beta Male is a man who thinks he is an Alpha Male,
but isn't.

Mankind has passed its harshest judgement of worth:

Beta Male doesn’t even get his own page on Wikipedia.

It's redirected to the Alpha Male listing.

Even here, “Beta male” is under the Alpha.

But Beta Males think they are useful.
They think they have all the power, because Alpha Males can't do anything without Betas agreeing to be there.

There have been hundreds, thousands of texts, books, and articles written about Leaders. The Secrets of Leadership... How To Become A Leader... How To Beat Everyone Else... How To Win.

Nothing has been written about how to be a great follower.
Maybe it's because we don't aspire to be the other guys... the wing-men... supporters... cheerleaders.

(By the way, never, ever, leave Mickey hanging.)

But we all know when we feel like we are "Also in the room". Blanked. Sidelined. Chumps.

Who would have the courage to out themselves as a proud Beta Male?

To remind those mouth-breathing gobshites who think the world was created to hear their roar, would be nothing without you.

Being Beta is not about feeling thwarted.

Or hapless.

Beta Male is an awesome lifestyle, and right here is where I will try to show you why.


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