Sunday, 28 August 2011

10 Ways You Know You Spend Too Much Time On Twitter

Ten ways you know you've spent too long on twitter.

#10 you avoid all forms of punctuation in the other business of your day

#9 you write a list about twitter. On twitter.

#8 (via @mattleys) Irritation on finding novels etc longer than 140 characters.

#7 you take in all information through a filter of "Peter Serafinowicz is gonna LOVE this"

#6 the British Library becomes a hard copy research tool for punny hastag film titles

#5 dont think twice about walking away midconversation leaving threads you started hanging

(Got any more...?)

@Strummer07 tweeted...

#4 You write something potent & seemingly real important ! & find its >200 characters. Spend 15 mins trying to whittle it down

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