I’m not a hippie, a communist, or an entrepreneur.

I am a tightwad Dad.

It’s difficult typing those words, because “you only had one job”.

To provide for your family.

So to me, it’s funny that I also have another job... hold back on the spending.

I’ve got every company in the country trying to get its mitts into our bank account - mostly by direct debit.

I have weak moments.
And every day my beautiful long-suffering Wife tolerates my half-arsed ideas, opinions and schemes.

So I’ll try and capture my efforts and skirmishes with companies to see if I ever get to the point where I can beat #Daddanomics and stop being a #TightwadDad.

At the weekend, I bought a can of antiperspirant for 45p.

- I'm a Tightwad Dad with 45p can of arm spray and a pen. Any design ideas to make it look like 2.99? -

- Thinking up the next Red Magazine Brag-ticle business ideas for my wife -

Life in 2014:
I haven't read my Wife's Red Magazine much - but when I do - they always have articles about someone who’s moved with to the country their husband (because of his job) and is bringing up their many kids while also successfully starting up an innovative and successful business.

I want to impress my missus by coming up with other self-start-up business ideas that would attract a Red Magazine braggy article (Bragticle).

But so far I've only come up with:
Making bespoke cupcake cases.

Engineering the perfect bread bin.

Trainer Tailoring.

Car Interiors Feng-Shui.

Shelf Storage Architect.

Designing Handbag-bags (bags for handbags).

Bikini Topiary.

One day I'll crack it.

- I'm a Tightwad Dad with 45p can of arm spray and a pen. Any design ideas to make it look like 2.99? (PART TWO) -

- Unwritten dinner time rules #1 -

"A drink - isn't - pudding."

This Seasons Must-Haves... and other dread phrases in the supermarket

This was on my facebook feed:
"make-up bag must-haves from the likes of Sam Faiers and Christine Bleakley...."

I'm taking a wild and unfair punt that Tesco's Must-Haves aren't water, oxygen and companionship.

It's terminology that's smudged over from glossy magazines into "real life".
There are signs in the stores brandishing the dread word/phrase "Must-have" in the stores now.

How about this Season's Must-Have: Long hours at work. To pay for the Must-Haves for next season.
Next season's Must-Have: Being happy with what you've got.

Sorry - saying all this in the wrong place.

See also:
PEACE OF MIND (the collection of pieces of peace of mind)

MORE SUPERMARKET WISDOM (signs and receipts and stuff)

The Forrestry Commission is basically a car-park operator

I was trying to convince my son that you dont have to spend money to have a good time or be happy.

He wanted some glow sticks from the 99p Store, so I tried to remind him about the trip we took last week where we walked up a really steep hill.
You remember that don’t you? We had a great time - and that was just walking up a hill. We didn’t spend any money there to be happy, did we?


You spent money in the car park. You put money in the machine when you drived us there.

He was right.

Which means I think maybe he is absolutely in the right.

The Forrestry Commission is basically a car-park operator

- The worst substance known to mankind -

The worst substance known to mankind is the dust on stuff bought from a car boot sale.

It always smells like “someone else”.

Remember going to a mate’s house after-school, and it would just “smell” different?

That smell.

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