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There's a duck in the road in Salford | DAY 003 #TightwadDad Vlog 128

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

There's a duck in the road in Salford | DAY 003 #TightwadDad Vlog

There's a duck in the middle road.
Welcome back to the Tightwad Dad Vlog - hello I'm Neil thanks for clicking on this
I'm now on day three of my experiment to record everything we're spending every day on video
I've got the sunglasses on today - it's raining
It's much easier to talk to camera with sunglasses on because I'm actually looking around and making sure I'm not falling over
It feels like I'm someone else
I I don't know if I can keep this going

Obviously, I've started recording on day three so maybe I'll see it through
It's got really difficult in places - it's difficult to do this, which is talk to you in public while people are walking past
The second thing that's difficult, is actually taking my camera out and recording when I'm actually spending
It's good because it helps me to be a bit more mindful about the spending but it's bad because it's difficult to do things with one hand - but the first thing I need to do is to get myself to the tram stop and buy a ticket
Do these things work?
I don't think they do - leave a comment I don't think they work.
We've got - at home - we've got a plumber - we've got a fantastic plumber fitting a new boiler
I've got a - I can't show you that because I'm not there to film it but my long-suffering wife sent me this picture
There's a joy of 10 right there - new pipework!
There's Manchester United
so the second thing I'm going to spend on today will be my breakfast in the works canteen.
I think I'm going for just the one egg today.
I have no idea how I'm going to edit these videos
I've got a feeling that I'm just gonna put in lots of walking shots and views of Manchester with lots of music underneath
So I've made it till lunchtime without spending any money which is brilliant.
I'm walking on this side of the street because last week someone tried dropping a can of coke on me from the roof
But I'm off to the shop now to buy some more ready meals, because they're about half the price of the works canteen lunches.
Also, there's a duck in the middle road.

So that was it - that was all the spending I did today
So these videos are gonna get really short if I get really good at not spending
I don't know if being mindful about it is what's making me spend less, but we'll see.
Thanks for watching - if you got to this point why not give me a thumbs up or subscribe?
Weird abrupt ending.
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