Thursday, 9 May 2019

Tram seat for my roast chicken #TightwadDad 094

I am a #TightwadDad and making my family happy with...

- Works canteen: Full English breakfast with veggie sausage, coffee, cooked lunch
JOY 10

- Tram and bus fares x2
"Travel to see a place to live for the rest of my trip"
"Great night out."
JOY 10

- Big supermarket chain: Reduced cooked chicken, salad and multipack chocolate
"It's not a multipack or family size salad.
Sat the chicken on its own tram seat on the way home."
JOY 10

- Pizza Restaurant takeaway pizza: Rest of the family had pizza
"Grandad bought pizza. He wanted spicy beef! He also paid to fill the car up."
JOY 10

- German Chain Supermarket
"All I can remember is milk, fruit, bread and two easter eggs for the kids xxx"
JOY 10

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