Monday, 11 February 2019

Why am I sharing our spending for a month really? #TightwadDad 007

People would rather talk about what goes on in their bedrooms, than what goes on in their bank accounts.

They would reveal the most intimate places in their lives before how much money they make, or how much they spend.

What change am I hoping to make by sharing what we’re spending?

I’m embarrassed to say this but a friend asked me today if #TightwadDad is to help me spend less.

“No!” I said.
“The aim of #TightwadDad is to be more mindful about our spending, and more grateful for the money we spend.
If anything, it might mean we spend more on experiences than things.”

Secretly though, that’s total balls.

I think deep down, holding back money and helping other families feel good about holding back money might be why I’m doing this.

So I have to put that thought out in public too.
To help me be a Happy Tightwad Dad.

I told her that another friend of mine pulls in lots of money and says sorry when they moan to me about their family’s spending.
I told them not to apologise.
The urge to be a Tightwad Dad, I think, isn't just for men.
And it's for all levels of income and spending.

It’s not about the money itself.
It’s about how we handle the money.

So then she told me a story about a recovering paraplegic returning to exactly the same levels of happiness/unhappiness within 2 years of the accident.
(I’m so arrogant - I think it was to make me feel better about my broken toe.)

She actually threw in a new curveball for me to think about with #TightwadDad.

Not only are our levels of income and spending completely movable to feel the same way... but the levels of happiness we’re all reaching for are completely movable too.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and this day my family enjoyed spending on:

+ Free coffee with the coffee shop loyalty app.
Even better, loyalty app machine down so they gave it for free without the app docking my voucher.
(Good job, because I'd loaded up on a stupid £3.95 decaf coconut milk latte with gingerbread syrup).
- £5.50 Bank account fee.


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