Saturday, 9 February 2019

What is a Tightwad, Dad? #TightwadDad 005

I talked to my son about this idea: to share what we're spending with the World for a month, to see if it makes us happier about what we're spending.

I don't want him to be a Tightwad if he's not ready for it.

It takes dedication, to share our resources with a World that wants to take all our resources.

He asked me “What is a Tightwad?”
And then instantly agreed that I am a Tightwad.

But what made me proud was that he agreed in a way, a tone of voice, that sounded like he'd like to be a Tightwad too.

Maybe this is a breakthrough for me working out what this is.

Maybe I should involve the family more in this project.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and I’m scared I will be judged for sharing this, but this day we spent:

- £20 Swimming lessons.


Do I talk too much about money? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 002

I think we could've done better.
Well we'll do better... this'll be a better podcast, okay...
Hello welcome to the Tightwad Dad podcast, episode 2, I'm Neil.
This is my son.
See I don't know if I should even mention your name.
But I might as well because I know that it's gonna come out.
Because everyone's gonna think who's that...
There'll be like loads of comments saying who's him.
So do you want to introduce yourself? yes hi I'm Joe and I'm Neil's son.
Right so this is the Tightwad Dad podcast, in episode 1 I explained what a tightwad is.
And you think I am a tightwad - you'd say I am a tightwad.
So thank you that's good Good.
So my question is do you think I talk too much about our money
yeah you want more because you know you think you're not earning enough, you'll get better job
Can you think of more ways I can earn money?
Or that we can earn money, as a family!
well you know that system - the 50p system
if we did that Do you want to explain that?
We're on holiday and we got these special 50-pieces and we thought like we should collect these from the bank so we go to the bank get some and then would sell the doubles on eBay and if we did that enough a year we'll probably get two hundred pounds a year living it
- that isn't gonna happen sorry No, sorry, I interrupted you.
So the idea is we could take - it's not just any 50ps, it's the ones that look nice.
yeah like Paddington, Peter Rabbit, Johnson's dictionary
And then you can sell them on ebay for more than 50p.
yeah so that's like one pound fifty which is like three times the amount that it cost in the first place yeah it's supposed to cost but it's special that's got different picture on should we try that idea first - selling the 50ps yeah and you know third episode we should talk about - I'm not gonna say now but we should talk about you know - the looking under
- yeah no - yeah that one.
Oh, that's a tease.
Alright so you want to do that on the next podcast?
Okay I'm glad we had this chat.
yeah over a lot of people yeah
Like if they listen to it a lot.
Yeah, what, so how should we end the podcast we should say if you've got this far why not subscribe and leave a like
Oh that's a nice idea.
And please leave a comment if you wanted to know more or what we should do next
Yeah, if you have any questions, or ideas that we could try to make more money.
Or we could just make stuff about what other people would want us to talk about
So thanks for watching, and we'll be back on the next episode of Tightwad Dad.
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