Friday, 8 February 2019

Today we spent no money. #TightwadDad 004

I am a Tightwad Dad, and I don’t know if I’ll be judged for sharing this, but this day we spent:

- Nothing.
I don’t believe we spent nothing.
I changed a fiver for a new plan with my son - the “selling 50ps on eBay” idea.
And I got £40 out of the cashpoint.
But that doesn't count.
I decided I will itemise each spend and not hide behind cashpoint transactions.


What is a Tightwad? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 001

[Music] Red light?
(laughter) That's really loud...
No, is it?
Anyway-- It's quiet for me.
Welcome to the very first Tightwad Dad podcast.
With my son.
And you really wanted to do this?
Yeah, why is it called Tightwad?
Do you know what a tightwad is?
It's a word that means someone who doesn't like spending money.
Because they hold onto their wad of cash tightly.
They go "Oh, my money" Yeah.
"My money" "Don't take my money".
So question number one is, "do you think I am a tightwad?"
You do lots of things like - as you just explained.
I do lots of things to hold onto money.
Like what, can you think of any.
I turn the heating down.
Oh yeah.
I turn the lights off.
Getting me off the PlayStation that uses a lot of volts.
That uses about one volt.
Especially my xbox yeah
hey dad look in the window it looks like an M
Okay, that was question one.
So we'll end that there.
Don't forget to subscribe.
Is that it?!
Yeah, well we'll do another one.
We'll do another one next where I ask you another question.
We'll just make them-- It's just one question.
That's a pretty bad podcast.
That's the worst podcast ever.
Is it?
More questions.
More more more.
So that is the learn from this episode is...
I need to think of a better format for the Tightwad Dad podcast.
Imagine if we did this every day?
Would you like that?
Not every day, no.
But we could record a few each time and then put them out one a day
Yeah that'd be good Okay
what was that thing you wanted to tell me?
Well that'll be on the next podcast.
So stay tuned it's the next episode on the playlist
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