Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The experiment. Sharing what we spend for a month. #TightwadDad 002

Okay, so this is the idea.
Every day I will share exactly what we are spending, to help stop me freaking out about what we are spending.

I’m not sure how they’re connected either.
But it goes something like this.

If I share in public what we are spending, daily, for a month, maybe it will mean that we spend our money more mindfully.

At the moment it’s guessing and wincing at checkouts and banking apps.

None of that has any effect on what we earn, or what we spend.

Those are moments where actual British Pounds leave our family, for a World that rips off as many British Pounds as possible.

That’s how our system works.
That’s how we choose to live our lives.

I’m okay with that system.
It means we have clean water and food and heat and light.

But my reaction to it is not making me, or my family, happy.

So the plan is that if I share what we’re spending on, for a month, maybe I can react to it better.

Show more gratitude to the Pounds that have fallen.
And thank them for their service.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and this day we spent:
- £4.00 Slush puppies.
- £25.60 Supermarket shop.
+ £0.90 Son found 90p in change under the Coinstar machine.
- £0.90 But he wanted to keep it.
- £9.05 Life Cover.
(I have no idea of what this is for. I will make it my mission to find out).
- Free Sachets of ketchup x4.


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