Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Day We Became #teamTIGHTWAD #TightwadDad 010

I am here completely by choice.
Showing up every day to share what we're spending, for a month.

But that fear is creeping in again.

Are the Pounds my family spends even mine to record and share with the world?

Am I nicking their story?

I asked them, but they want to know why am I doing this?

What change am I hoping to make?

What if the system prefers us to keep our boring spending quiet.

While making us feel inadequate about everyone else's conspicuous spending.

What if we're not meant to be talking about this.

What if we're meant to look like we're keeping up.

We're not keeping up.

The change I want to make is to speak up.

It's a broken game that's skewed against families anyway.

Because providing for your family means spending time away from your family.
Whether you're earning loads, or not much.

I want to make my family happy with the least amount of money possible.

What if I were to find a way to make money with my family?
I don't know how.
But I will find a way.
Because we're only here for so long.

I'll have to push the kids for some better ideas.

I'm going to enforce Family Making Money Ideas Brainstorm Friday.

And first on the agenda is:
“Can we come up with a better name for Family Making Money Ideas Brainstorm Friday...”

We will become #teamTIGHTWAD.

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- Pilates.
- Decaf soya latte.
- Missing postage letter fee & stamps.

Try my new book!

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