Saturday, 16 February 2019

Should we spend less money on WHAT? #teamTIGHTWAD 012

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...
- Swimming lesson.
- Tap dancing lessons for the month.
- Choi Kwang Do martial arts belt grading fee x2 to enter for Gold Belt Senior.
- Ebay: Toy yellow bus for my nephew (He's obsessed with buses, like I was at his age. So I like encouraging this.)

Should we spend less money on WHAT? #TightwadDad Podcast with Neil and Joe 004

Red red red red red red red.
So welcome to episode 4 of the TightwadDad Podcast with me, Neil, and Joe.
And we're here in the happy hut and it's freezing, isn't it!
Yeah, it's cold.
It's pretty cold, you've got a cold.
I don't like this red I'm surrounded in it.
You don't like the colour red?
They might think that I love the colour red just because my headphones are red.
The covers are red here, and the sofas are red. I think blue’s my favorite colour.
Which is what you're wearing.
Yes I think it cheers up the Happy Hut, so I'm sorry if--
I think of it as blood and death.
I've got a question, but I've left it on the computer so I'm gonna have to - do you wanna just talk while...
In episode 3, “Earning money on YouTube how to” - so you could try and get a thousand subscribers - that's what Dad says.
Yeah we're on 320 at the moment, so we've got another 680 - we've got to do that 2 more times to get close to a 1000.
I remember, the question I should've asked last time I got it wrong
“What should we be spending less money on?”
We do spend a lot of money on food.
I think we should buy stuff that would last longer for cheaper.
Do you think we should eat less?
Wouldn't you be really hungry?
We would, we would.
I'm one very hungry child.
And I'm one hungry dad as well so that's the problem, but we should spend less money in the supermarket.
And buy more stuff for less money.
No. It'd be like buy as least as possible for at least amount of money so find a better
bread. You use a lot of bread.
I do.
You do.
Okay, so if we had less bread and spend the money on other stuff?
And then we can eat the same--
I just wondered this. You’re kind of obsessed with yellow.
Your hut is kind of yellow--
It is.
Your paper that you write on is yellow.
It is.
And then your bread is yellow.
I do like yellow.
But I thought you love blue as well.
Do you know what, the one I like the most is pinkl
I got pink phone. I've got pink trainers
Oh yeah! (Sniggers) Pink phone.
And I dyed my Choi Kwang Do dobok, I've put it in the washed with the red jacket and it came out pink.

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