Thursday, 28 February 2019

Reply from Supermarket Head Of Kids Shoes #teamTIGHTWAD 024

(We also got this teddy bear.)

Reply from Head of Children's Clothing (shoes) at a big supermarket chain

I sent them my daughter’s broken shoe with a letter I shared with you yesterday.
This was the reply.

Hello Mr Mossey

I am both the Head of Children’s footwear and also the CEO/CFO of my own domestic enterprise with a heavy footed workforce of two of my own Xxxxxxx 7 and Xxx 5.

First of all I think you should feel proud to make a sensible decision to choose [OUR SUPERMARKET CHAIN] as your preferred suppliers of children’s footwear.

This is a very canny decision as actually our shoes are made in some of the same factories as the leading brand of children’s school shoes who employ parental guilt marketing to make you believe their shoes are better for your children’s feet when really the manufacturing techniques and quality of materials we use are the same.

I am also fatigued of buying their over-priced shoes and put my own workforce in [OUR SUPERMARKET CHAIN] and [UNKNOWN BRAND] footwear.
You should not feel cheap but clever!

I am very sorry that your pair have not performed and agree this is not acceptable. We are investigating the rest of this batch and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

I am sure the cat design was very popular with your female operative and I would like to offer to have a new pair made and sent to her.

As these are no longer in stock the new pair may take a few weeks (4-6) to arrive can you please let me know which size you would like as you may estimate she will have grown since the last pair bought.

I will endeavour to get the same cat design or very similar. She can then road test them and do her very best to put them through their paces for free.

I hope this successfully persuades your chief financial officer to continue with her contract with [OUR SUPERMARKET CHAIN] as preferred supplier of workforce apparel and footwear.

Kindest regards

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- School trip.
- Keyboard lessons.
- Residential trip.
- German supermarket chain supermarket shop (milk & grapes).
- Train ticket.
- Cheap Burger chain Burger and fries (and even cheaper with voucher).
- Bus fare.
- Free coffee at meeting.
- Premium burger chain chicken burger and chunky skin-on fries.
- Credit card interest fee.
(“Minimum interest was paid, missed the rest of the balance by a day.
A day!

Try my new book!

(UK) (US)

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All about me, and getting these by email.

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