Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Letter to the supermarket head of shoes #teamTIGHTWAD 023

Letter to Head of Childrens Clothing (shoes) at a big supermarket chain

Dear Head of Children’s Clothing (shoes)

Hello. Please forgive us for sending you this [BRAND] shoe directly.

It is because you are a very valued supplier of clothing to us, but my Chief Financial Officer (my Wife) wants to rethink [SUPERMARKET]’s place in our supply chain.

After a tense Board Meeting this morning, I think this is a shame for your organisation and ours, because we love your other work for us.

[SUPERMARKET]’s school clothing is the best - it’s hard wearing and it doesn’t look cheap, despite the efforts of our workforce (Joe 8 and Stella 6).

We really appreciate it, so much so, that you don’t even have a store in our town and yet we ship it from your branches that are 15 miles away.

So that’s why we’re sending you this. In our heads, the shoes were bought in the Christmas hols, and they have barely lasted 8 weeks.

Our daughter is energetic - a kind way of saying she is a complete handful.

But we didn’t think her shoes would give up in under a term (and she didn’t even wear them during Half Term).

Maybe she is just too much for them.
Maybe more suitable workwear would be Army boots.

Either way, we wanted you to see what happens at the other end of your delivery chain: The velcro stopped sticking after about a month. Then the clasp broke off so the strap couldn’t be held at all, making them useless (the other shoe is just as clapped out - I’m being cheap trying to save postage).

Let’s face it. We feel cheap for buying our daughter’s shoes in a supermarket.
So the problem is with us.

(Ironically, at 7 weeks use even at the competitive price we invested, per day, my CFO estimates that these are the most expensive shoes she’s ever worn.)
(And destroyed.)

How can I argue with that logic? Moving forward, how can I persuade her that [SUPERMARKET] is still the best supplier for our clothing in future?

As we reflect on this, we hope this shoe helps your team to also make good choices in the future, and thanks again for the great clothing.

Neil Mossey
CEO, The Mossey Family

Dear Reader,
It wasn’t long until we got a reply...

We are #teamTIGHTWAD, and this day we found joy spending on...

- Dental hygienist.
- Printing out photos for class mascot diary at a high street chemists.
- Decaf soya latte in a chain coffee shop.

Try my new book!

(UK) (US)

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