Wednesday, 13 February 2019

I hit an unexpected wall #TightwadDad 009

Okay, I just hit an unexpected wall.
I don’t mind sharing my family’s figures.
It’s something I’ve not seen anyone else do, and I like the idea of the experiment.

But it turns out that there are money figures that we can’t really share.
Like the ones where it would break the privacy of the people we’re paying.

I thought it would be easy to just put a “£??” in the totals, then at least you get to see what we’re spending on.

That got me thinking though.
Should I be sharing the actual amounts anyway?

I don’t need you judging and comparing yourself to me.
Because that’s what these figures are meant to do.

That’s why this whole system came about.
So we can measure ourselves against each other.

I think the experiment will be more interesting if I take away the figures.

Then it’s all about the stuff that we spend the money on.
Not the amounts.

So this is the last time I’ll include figures.

I am a Tightwad Dad, and this day my family enjoyed spending on:

- Free coffee shop loyalty app coffee.
- £14 birthday presents x7 for the son.
- £1.29 Bread from German Supermarket Chain supermarket.


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