Thursday, 14 September 2017

That heartbreaking moment when someone starts showing you stuff on their phone and 162-168 bits of #DadDirt

Thoughts, plans, ideas, hopes, dreams from this week

Monday 11 September
They say you should try to get F- You Money.
But I always seem to get the money where I'm F---ed.

Tuesday 12 September
There's only one crime worse than Contempt Of Court.
And that's Contempt of Facebook.
(Or maybe negative feedback on ebay).

Wednesday 13 September
That heartbreaking moment. When someone starts showing you stuff on their phone.
Life is a competition to hold out from showing someone stuff on your phone.

Thursday 14 September
Asked son to fetch the remote.
My Dad got me up to change the channels.

Friday 15 September
That moment when your kids embarrass you in public so much, you consider lying to bystanders that they are “special”.

Saturday 16 September
I’m not a Dad.
I am a Netflix scheduler and projectionist.
And my family give me HDMI love.

Sunday 17 September
I don't want to hear about what people are doing to you.
I very much want to hear about what you are doing to people.

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