Monday, 11 September 2017

My mate has this watch that tells him whats on his phone. #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when...
...all the technology now works against you.

My mate’s got this watch that tells him what’s on his phone.
Maybe I’m not telling it right.

He’s got this watch, right - that's a watch.
But... it also tells him everything that’s coming into his phone.

No, I need to explain.

So he doesn’t have to get out his phone, that’s there, in his pocket... every single time something comes into the phone, ping, there... it’s also “ping!” there.
In his eyeline.

Right in his eyeline, so he doesn’t even have to take the phone out of his pocket.

He could be, in the middle of a sentence - say, to me - or something, but, ping, he doesn’t have to concentrate on all that, because “ping!” the thing that’s just come into his phone is now in his eyeline.

And this means, he can repeat the stuff that’s coming into his phone, sent by other people, any time they want, he can say the stuff that’s coming into the phone in his pocket, to me.

So he’s got this watch and he’s telling me stuff that’s coming into his phone... some news, an update, hang on it's a message from the council, they want some more paperwork...
...and he can tell me all this because it’s right in his eyeline.

He’s completely up to date on anything that's stopping him from doing everything.

And this is brilliant.

I know he thinks this is brilliant because he’s telling me about all the stuff that’s coming into his phone, by just looking at his wrist.

And he doesn’t even have to pause to tell me what’s coming into the phone, sent by other people, whenever they want, he can keep me up to date by just looking at the watch that’s there, instead of reaching into his pocket every time someone sends him something, as soon as they’ve sent it to his phone.

I know what you’re thinking.

If he’s there, looking at his watch so much, and telling you what’s coming into his phone, how can you get him to concentrate on what you are saying?

Well, the problem is that my updates are not urgent enough, because they are only right here coming out of my face.

But the urgent stuff is over there.
In his pocket.
On his phone.
Being sent to his wrist.
By everyone else.

I’m not in his eyeline, no, I am in his eyeline, but I’m not going “ping!” on his wrist - I think it has a vibrate mode - so what I need to do to fit myself into this stream of stuff... or text him... or work out some other kind of notification for my updates, so that they will now go “ping!” on his wrist.

And then he can stop my non-urgent talking to tell me about my own urgent update.
Look, it's just come in. And it's on his wrist.

And he doesn't have to reach into his pocket ever again.

Because he hasn't got the time.

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