Monday, 17 July 2017

My Week In Self Help - Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... try out wisdom from wherever you can get it.

This week I have been self-helping myself with help from Tony Robbins.

This man only ever seems to shout and I love that.

Even as he writes, I feel like I've been shouted out for living my life all wrong.

Which I do.

But not any longer.

Here's how you can help yourself with the self-help system I've been trying out this week.

It's called the Rapid Planning Method (RPM).

You write out what you want.

For me, as the picture above, I want the upstairs toilet seat fixed.

Then you write out all the reasons WHY you want that dream fulfilled.

Don't worry about the detail of how, you'll achieve this goal, just why.

To make these more powerful, Tony suggests linking a role in your life to the reasons.

- Because I slide around when I'm trying to go to the toilet.

- Because I spent a fortune having a new toilet put in because the last seat was broken

- Because the kids can stand on it to clean their teeth, which is almost certainly how it broke in the first place.

- Because I want it to look like new because it is new

- Because I want to prove to my Wife that buying the cheapest in B&Q is always always the best policy

Then you write out the "MAP".
That stands for "Massive Action Plan".

For fixing the toilet seat I brainstormed:

- Find the allen keys under the stairs.

- Reach around underneath the toilet, turning everything with my bare hands until it stops wobbling.

I can't tell you how effective this method is.

His book is called Awaken The Giant Within.

My toilet seat will now take my Giant Without.

Here's my list -
click on it to download Tony's work-sheets directly...

Let me advertise the book with a sponsored Amazon Link so you can benefit from this self-help too, while I help myself to an increased Amazon Associates payment threshold.
To pay for the next toilet.

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