Monday, 3 April 2017

What's on your stairs, right now? It is a window into your soul. #DadDirt #WhatsOnYourStairs

You know that you are a Great British Dad when...
...every time you walk past the stuff that's always got to be moved to somewhere else.

What's on your stairs? Right now?

For us it's £1.75 in silvers, Scotch satin finish giftwrap tape, jogging pants, and a table tennis bat.

Everyone has stuff on their stairs - to go upstairs.
Even if they do not have actual stairs.
(Every time I run this on Twitter, I get moans from single-level dwellers telling me how lucky I am to have stairs, but "What's in your hallway" is the Para-WhatsOnYourStairs... everyone can still play along. Except the homeless. But maybe they've got more pressing things to take pictures of.)

Deep down, we all have stuff on our stairs.
And we even walk past it - knowing that there will always be a better time to take the stuff up.

It is a job that will never be done.

So I ask you, in all seriousness. What's on your stairs.
May we see a photo please?

It's a snapshot of your upward flow of life.

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