Wednesday, 26 April 2017

The Cathedral and The Bus Stop on Google Maps #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... can't pass anywhere without leaving your mark on the world.

I don’t know why I have this overwhelming urge to leave this review.
Why do any of us want to leave a mark on the world?

Why do I have an urge to leave a rating.
Fact is - I do.

I will never use this Bus Stop.
And yet the Universe has delivered me to pass this - let’s face it - lamppost - with an ability to judge it.

Who am I to judge it?

Or - conversely - withhold any stars from it?
Isn’t there beauty and optimism in everything?
How can we look for joy in anything when it’s there to be found in what’s here right now.
Look at the service it gives just by being.

The layout of the timetable angered me - it provokes a reaction, like all Good Art
Bad design - maybe - but in the blank page, after the tiny bus times, times 4, lies the struggle for uniformity and compliance.
The bus company finds itself unable to change its layout and make this Bus Stop special or delightful.

That would incite a change that would threaten the safety it wants to maintain.
Look at it.
This is the image it wants to share with the passers by, while the “Bus Stop” itself - the sign that declares its very presence is invisible from this angle.

This combination of sign and information is at 90 degrees to itself:
The two will never meet, and yet they co-exist, at the same time in 2 different planes.

The M is intriguing.
What does it stand for?
Literally and symbolically.
I know deep down there is no A-L.
Only M.
A number - any number - would be too big for a route serving a stop so small.
M for the metal of the post.
The wall that begs to be invisible seating, but as a residential boundary it’s anti-seating.
Making the bus route even more urgent to its smallness.
This post is a portal.
An entry point to destinations unknown.
Beyond the Morrisons, there is no limit.
If this is the starting point - blink and you’ll miss it - you know that the finishing has no point. Movement is all that is missing.

Five stars.

Winchester Cathedral.

Five stars.

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