Friday, 10 March 2017

Stealing just one more story from my daughter #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad when...
...there is always some more that you can steal from your 5 year old daughter.

Onec upon a time Katie and nailer Wher playing in the Garden.

they played Tage one morning a wich was spiying on Katie and nailer.

the Witch said I Want them now but the Witch had a owlon her shoildar and the Witch had a man that does What she wants.

the Witch told the man What to do.

give me theas two girls now said the Witch ok your hieners said the man the man ran on his horse and then he went berhind them then he cort them he went back on his horse and went to the Witchers catsle.

It Was black on the outside.

he Went to the Witch he said Ive found them siyerry.
Good said the Witch.
Put them in the Gale then nailer and Katie Wher having a plan when they were in Gale.

they where in one place togerter. they did there plan then it wocked.

the witch said to the man give me the children now she said louldly.

the man did it but they where not there. so the man had to go back to the queen the man said there not there any more. then the queen was angry. she went into flames then she was dead.

The End

© Great Story Team Ltd. 2017

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