Friday, 24 March 2017

Stealing just one more princess story from my daughter. In case it makes money. #DadDirt

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... steal princess stories from your daughter. In case this is the big one.

Onec upon a time there was a little girl coled isebella. She was five years old. She had a mother and further. She was playing in the Garden. She feeds birds and uthore animols to feed.

She had a Pond in the Garden. there was a speshoulle Frog in the Pond. She was playing with her ball.

the ball went in the pond the Frog was getting the Ball for her.

he did a plan to Be best friends forevery but the princess kepped her promise every day.

so they did Be best Friends forevery. the next Morning isbella Went out in the Garden.

She sore the Frog that was her best friend.

the Frog had Arothery plan. it was promise to kiss the frog but the princess did it instead and then the Frog changed to a prince then the prince fell in Love with the girl. and the princess fell in Love with the man.
and they all lived Happilly Every aFter.

The End

© Great Story Team Ltd. 2017

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