Sunday, 19 March 2017

All Dads recreate that Athena poster, but cant hold the phone and the baby. Plus #DadDirt 120-126

Every week I try and dig up some Dad Dirt.

Here's this week's thoughts, ideas and dreams.

Monday 20 March
All sleep-deprived 1990’s-man Dads think about recreating the Athena “Man Holding Baby” poster.
But can’t yet work out how to hold the phone and the baby.

Tuesday 21 March
Lang Lang's Dad vowed to make him the number 1 concert pianist in all of China.
I taught my boy how to sing the entire jingle package of Radio 2.

Wednesday 22 March
I admit it.
I order condoms online from the supermarket, just to see the delivery driver go through the substitutions.

Thursday 23 March
Modern superstition:
If you cut up your credit card, and slowly spread it around different bins, somehow you won't get robbed.

Friday 24 March
Idea: Trying to get people to say "Da Betties" as slang for Pounds (after our Queen).
It's harder than I thought.

Saturday 25 March
We’re not strapped for cash.
But our family budget now relies on me getting 12 clips onto You've Been Framed.

Sunday 26 March
My Wife likes either anticipating things or being surprised.
I always call it wrong.

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