Sunday, 15 January 2017

Why not home school our kids? Our lives are Ofsted abysmal. And 78-84 other British Dad Thoughts #BritishDadStuff

Here are the thoughts, hopes, ideas and dreams I'll be having this week.

Monday 16 January
Idea: Draw pictures of happy people and optimistic messages in the coffee shops' newspapers.
Cheer up the angry.

Tuesday 17 January
For our kids, my wife needs to wear a clock round her neck in the morning. Like Flavor Flav. Or Harvey Goldsmith backstage at Live Aid.

Wednesday 18 January
What would happen if we all went chasing our dreams?
Would absolutely nothing get done?

Thursday 19 January
Watching 2Pac's hip-hop videos with my 5 yr old.
She giggles "He said knickers!"
I gasp "We can't use the K word".

Friday 20 January
We're home-schooling our kids.
But in evenings after school.
Our life is Ofsted 'abysmal'.

Saturday 21 January
Wife Wisdom: The maximum size of a TV should be that heads aren't bigger than real life.

Sunday 22 January
Don't we all wonder about the Big Questions?
Like, how will the Universe help me be a flabby dilettante.

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