Sunday, 22 January 2017

Why hipster cafe drinks are so small and 85-91 other British Dad Thoughts #BritishDadStuff

Hopes, ideas and dreams in my head this week.

Monday 23 January
My daughter has a single place for her hairbands.
Like my tools, it's... "everywhere".

Tuesday 24 January
We really need to find a "thing" for the supermarkets to push in the Christmas to Pancake/Valentines Void.

Wednesday 25 January
When is watching a load of James Hunt documentaries on YouTube "too many" for a straight man?

Thursday 26 January
Hipster cafe drinks are small because their jeans are tight.

Friday 27 January
I'm a dry shaver, never wet. So I'll never know if I am a Mach or the other one.

Saturday 28 January
It's called the hypermarket, because that's the effect on the kids.

Sunday 29 January
Wife Wisdom: We shouldn't go to a fast food chain more than once in a marketing promotion.

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