Sunday, 8 January 2017

The tower I grew up in is called a block. Like you'd call a group of toilets. And 71-77 British Dad Thoughts #BRITISHDADSTUFF

Here are the things in my head on this first real week of the year.

Monday 9 January
The council tower I grew up in is called a block.
Like you would call a group of toilets.

Tuesday 10 January
I've thought of the perfect present for my wife. A year's worth of my home-made erotica.

Wednesday 11 January
The more bright lights a restaurant puts behind its menu...
...the more you don't want to know what it puts into its food.

Thursday 12 January
Charity shop asked for my postcode.
I lied and said H1V.
Now I've got Gift Aids.

Friday 13 January
Why does no Dad ever think "That's it. I am now providing enough for my family."

Saturday 14 January
When you hear a sentence starting "Why can you not just accept that..."
Things are not good.
Really, not good.

Sunday 15 January
Nobody gives a shit about your shit.
So you might as well give your shit your best shot.

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