Monday, 23 January 2017

Stealing another story from my daughter. Lily and John get pizza, or something. #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad when... steal another story from your own 5 year old daughter.

Onec upon a time Lily and JoHn had a holiladay together.

they all had a great time like going to the beach.

they had ice cream When they got to the beach they had lots of fun but the mean qeen was spiying on the princess and Princ.

Lily and JoHn Went to a pizza shop. they chated While they wait for there pizza to be ready to eat.

but even though there pizza was gone When they started to eat the pizza because of the mean queen had stollena the pizza before the queen Loves Pizzas that why she stollena them.

they they saW the mean qeen. Lily said oH no shes eaten are pizzas. but lily and JoHn coudent believe what the mean qeen had done.

Lily and JoHn was angry with the mean qeen. Lily and JoHn Went home.

John said Wors hoilday every then Lily said yeah its so Wors. We dont whant to go on a holiday every again. No way.

they Went in there rooms and Wrote a letter to the mean qeen. then they went to lilys catsle. then they gaved the letters to the mean qeen lilys letter said

Dear mean qeen
you are not nice because you ate are pizzas.
and its not fair.
Love from Lily Hait

thats true but did you see me. yes we did. Now JoHns turn. So JoHn gave His letter to the mean qeen. it said

Dear mean qeen
you ruined are holiday We tried to go to the cenemer but We cant because of you mad us not go to the cenemer.
Love from JoHn

Well Im sorry you to. but its Just like because I stollen your pizzas I just like pizzas that's all.

so Lily and JoHn went to JoHns catsle. then it was night so JoHn and Lily went to sleep in there beds.

The End

© Great Story Team Ltd. 2017

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