Saturday, 10 December 2016

Teaching my daughter about the important things. Like Leroy from Fame. More #BritishDadStuff thoughts 57-63

Great British Dad thoughts for the week.

Sunday 11th December
Lawyers carrying their documents in pull-along cases hate it when you call them stewardesses.
They prefer "fight attendants".

Monday 12th December
My bank now has "voice recognition". So when I get my balance they know it's me swearing out loud..

Tuesday 13th December
I want to teach my daughter about the important things in life. Like Leroy from Fame.

Wednesday 14th December
Single in the 90’s: No woman’s toilet seat ever ever stood up by itself.

Thursday 15th December
Idea: Draw some pictures and put them up in the hospital corridors without telling anyone. Cheer up the sick.

Friday 16th December
Offering to help a hot girl take a selfie outside a national monument does not count as a good deed.

Saturday 17th December
Never forget, your A.B.C. Always. Be. Charging.

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