Saturday, 3 December 2016

McDonalds salads are like dogs balancing treats on noses and 50-56 other Great British Dad Thoughts #BritishDadStuff

As a Great British Dad, I have thoughts, hopes and dreams.
Here are the ones I'm having this week.

Sunday 4th December
I got bored sending out change of address emails, and now everyone from P onwards lost me.

Monday 5th December
Me ordering a salad in McDonalds is a bit like a dog balancing a treat on its nose.

Tuesday 6th December
If some air escapes you, the most important call in our house is whether it's forced or accidental.

Wednesday 7th December
Imagine cavemen going for a weekend in a different cave. Or native Navajo pulling themselves away from the bison for a fortnight. I don't think holidays were invented by men.

Thursday 8th December
I listen so badly, I don't know if my wife is talking to me or OK Google. My family now get me with "OK Daddy."

Friday 9th December
That TV presenter does so many adverts that I forget what she wants me to buy next.

Saturday 10th December
We should be kind to the workers at the companies we hate. If they treat us like that, god knows how they treat the staff.

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