Saturday, 5 November 2016

I'm being lazy. Or my body is moving from Hunter-Gatherer to Elder status #BRITISHDADSTUFF thoughts 22-28

Time flies as fast as the tiny fruit flies from last week's Halloween pumpkins maturing into big fat flies that flew by...

Here are this week's hopes, dreams, and my ideas to make the place a better world.

Sunday 6 November
I'm being lazy. Or, my body is moving from Hunter-Gatherer to Elder status.

Monday 7 November
People swiping on their phones in the library is a bit like seeing people smoke outside a hospital.

Tuesday 8 November
I love actors in films eating beans off metal plates. Looking from side-to-side while they clatter and gobble.

Wednesday 9 November
Hollywood and Kids TV, try all you like. I am never going to call the cinema a theater.

Thursday 10 November
Women make terrible wing-men.

Friday 11 November
When you finally get to the bottom of something, you usually find an arse.

Saturday 12 November
I love how Alphas dress for each other. You have to meet this standard to impress. (Plus jewellery or watch).

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