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How feeling ill is linked to bad sleep and how that might be linked to vitamin D and being out of the sun... fave things on the web

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This video blew my mind. It looks really dense, and you might need to be familiar with some of the terminology in it.

Dr. Stasha Gominak describes her journey from her expertise in pain management, which lead her to get curious about how sleep disruption might be connected to headaches, and then other illnesses.

And then how that is linked or even caused by low vitamin D levels.

And why it shouldn't even have been called a vitamin in the first place.

This was the original video - it's dense... stick with it.

Basically, we weren't evolved or built to live indoors.

Dr. Stasha Gominak Discusses Sleep and Vitamin D

3.30 It is not normal to have normal sleep these days...
4.00 Light sleep isn't proper sleep... You can sleep for 10 hours and still feel tired.
5.58 Deep sleep, slow wave sleep... The ability of sleep to cure our body.
7.30 Children grow while paralysed in slow wave sleep...
8.30 After slow wave sleep, we enter REM sleep... In evolution, we had to go into deep paralytic sleep for safety.
Its not normal to need the toilet during the night.
10.10 How continuous positive airway pressure machines (CPAP machines) affect sleep.
11.36 Why is noone writing about sleep studies?
12.30 Sleep is the cure.
12.40 How migrane works.
14.00 We must get paralysed in deep sleep for sleep to work.
16.00 Features of patients with sleep disorders
17.00 What if the sleep paralysis isn't working right.
18.00 sleep talking, chewing, leg movements show that you need to have paralysed sleep for sleep to repair the body.
19.00 If headaches are cured by good sleep, why is other pain cured too?
20.30 It's a societal change. These symptoms are much more common in developed countries (the guy with hypertension is the policeman in the only covered building in the mexican village)
22.30 CPAP machines make pain go away, blood pressure go down, diabetes headaches and moods get better,
23.00 Why do people get genetic diseases presenting themselves late in life?
"We have the most wealthy, best informed populations ever and their nervous systems go bad - something has happened to them while leading a normal life. Why do genetic diseases present themselves?" The sleep goes bad.
30.00 Everyone with a bad sleep study was low on vitamin D.
30.45 Breakthrough between low vitamin D and poor sleep.
31.30 Vitamin D isn't a vitamin, it's a hormone. We make it on our skin from cholesterol.
Every animal on the planet makes it on their skin from the sun.
33.50 Why is it in every animal? Why from UV-B? This hormone is very very old. Because every animal had to deal with summer and winter.
36.00 High levels of Vitamin D in Summer. Baby boom conceived in September, born in June so baby gets vitamin D.
37.50 Low levels of Vitamin D in Winter. Effects on fat and sleep.
For the last 35 years we have effectively been living like it's deep winter, and this might be why we have an epidemic of sleep disruption.
40.00 D hormone was mistakenly called vitamin D, which affects doctors lack of curiosity.
42.00 The link between vitamin D and cholesterol.
44.50 Why vitamin D was called a vitamin by mistake. (It's to do with rats studied in the 1920)
Humans do not make vitamin D2. (Rats get it from fungus)
50.00 It's a hormone, so if it's too low, it's just as bad as if it is too high. It's not the dose. It's the level.
52.14 The cure is the perfect D level producing restorative sleep every night.
Normal sleep night after night is what cures the body.
It's the sleep that cures the patient - it's ridiculous x-raying at 3am, bathing them at 5am.
The next phase of medicine will be to protect the sleep.
54.30 Nobody knows the right level of D to take to keep the right level in the body.
58.00 You can't dose it because it depends how much sun they've had.
59.30 If you go too high you get sleep disorder, too low sleep disorder too.
1.00.00 A recommended dose makes no sense for different ethnicities.
1.03.00 Vitamin D2 isn't right.
1.05.00 "My concept is that CPAP device is a crutch. Until their brain sleeps long enough to repair their sleep apnoea.
1.07.00 Having kids means you lose vitamin D!
1.07.45 My basic sleep concepts. Its not your fault. It's medicine's fault.

If you managed to get through any of that, here's the follow up, which is probably easier to follow, but has terrible quality video.

Dr. Stasha Gominak 2013 Follow-Up Vitamin D Lecture Full

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