Wednesday, 19 October 2016

You'll never pay them money again. What are your grudge companies? #BRITISHDADSTUFF

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you add another company to "the list" of companies you have a grudge against.

My phone platform euthanased my phone.
I bought a phone from their online Store, then 2 years later they sent out an update that killed my phone.

It's bricked.
I'm trying to explain to someone what bricking means.

I think it's that it got turned into a brick.
But a brick is pretty useful.
And that's a positive word: "You're a real brick."

This is more like a lump.
Or a turd.

They turned my thing that was useful into a waste product.
I guess that is like "bricking it".

I am more sad that I've now got to add that multinational giant - probably the biggest, most powerful company on the planet - to my pathetic little list of companies that I will never buy from again.

Am I the only one with this company grudge list?

At the moment my grudge list is a phone network, a pay TV network, an energy company, a TV box brand, a package holiday company, a car firm and most newspaper groups.

And I know that my kids will laugh at me when I ask them not to give them any money.

And then they will use these companies to show me the error of my ways in my elderly years.

But I think that I get more annoyed, when I have a grudge against a company and don't put them on "the list".

(A train company, a supermarket, another pay TV company, a multinational that runs hospital car parks and a bank).

I will just whine about those losers, doing absolutely nothing about it myself.

Because I am weak.

I don't want to be harsh in the first place.
I've got an account balance and a heart.
I'm only human.

Getting angry just shows my weakness that I want their product or service.

That I'm not strong enough to face the consequences of life without them.

I think we should stop treating companies like people.

They are animals.

And we are killing them with kindness.

We should feed them less.

Or eat them.

Apart from that supermarket.

It's probably still got horse in it.

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