Monday, 3 October 2016

Showing My Kids 1970s Scary Public Information Films About Strangers And Crossing The Road - #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you realise you survived being a Great British Kid.

I showed my kids a load of 1970's scary Public Information Films from my childhood.

I wanted to warn them about strangers and traffic.

But it's a bit difficult to do that when the strangers and the traffic look a hundred years old.

My son now avoids men in cars who wind their windows by hand, and my daughter waits to cross before cars with loads of chrome.

Because they are terrifying.

And how Seventies is that - expecting Telly to teach your kids about the world.

That's how I know I'm old - I'm there drumming my fingers angry that kids channels aren't showing road crossing advice and stranger danger tips.

But I think they're missing a trick.

They could sell us more spinoff music and brightly coloured tat.

Plastic cars to hit the kids who don't look both ways

Fluffy Puppies from the Stranger Danger Man

Shout For Help screamalong album

At the time, it was like the government, council and police knew exactly what was going on:

Our local police came round to the school and showed us a film that went into so much detail about what to do... it even taught you how to use a stone to scratch out the number plates and unusual identifying features to pass on to the police.
(I just found it here... I literally can't watch this even as an adult...)

Things took a really weird turn though because one of the girls in my class - Claudia, I think her name was - her Dad - was an actor who actually played one of the dangerous strangers - in one of the dangerous stranger movies.

How can I put this.

There was always an air of tension in the corridor whenever he came to pick up poor Claudia.

But no-one said anything.

Almost like we'd learned absolutely nothing from all these films whatsoever.

So anyway, there I am on YouTube trying to go through the 1970s wrongness, trying to filter them, trying to make some of it stick.

And then it hit me (like a purple Cortina).

We need Public Information Films warning parents about the dangers of showing your kids colossally inappropriate 1970's warning films.

So we watched Tiswas instead.

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