Monday, 17 October 2016

Should we dress up for the Double-Glazing salesman, to get a better price? #BRITISHDADSTUFF

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you think about dressing up more to spend less money.

Our windows are falling apart.
They're so cloudy, it's saved us a fortune on curtains.

And we can hear conversations in the street.
Which probably means the street can hear everything we're saying.
(Or screaming).

We met a neighbour who talked about our windows like they're a local celebrity.
"Oh... you're in cloudy window house, yeah, I know the one..."

We don't even need to talk to them.
We can literally hear them talking about our clapped out windows through the clapped out windows.

So it's time to do the dance.

I don't know if you've done that dance - the Double-Glazing Salesman dance.

I really feel for them - they've got to give you confidence that they can take your house apart and put something in it forever...
...but also give you enough fear that you've got to do this, and with them.

We got the National Double-Glazing Chain to send someone over (for the FREE no-obligation quote).

Already I'm on edge, when did you ever pay for a quote?

Or seen free in small letters.

We've got this guy coming over, and now I'm starting to question everything.

We're tidying up the place, I don't know why.
Maybe we don't want the chaos to somehow up the price.

And I'm thinking what should I wear?
This is the big thing.
Usually I'm in jeans and a T-shirt, but I want to show that I'm serious about getting serious windows... maybe I should dress up for him.

Shirt, shoes - I'm the Chief Exec of this outfit.
I need to show him I need the very best.

And I know that he's going to be in a suit.
Anything to do with buying stuff for the house, that is the law.

I do not want him Out-Alpha-'ing me... in my own home.
He's not getting one over on me on price.
Just because I can't put on a shirt.

I'm now flipping out:
"Hang on, hang on, if I'm looking too good then I'll give him the idea that I've got too much money for this."
My shirt is now upping the price.

I can't afford to dress like this.
But they say it's a sign of respect.

If you make the effort, it shows respect for someone you're doing business with.

That's now sounding really needy.
And my Wife is dressed - looking awesome with just the right amount of effort.

I'm in my pants, behind the cloudy glass, thinking that if we respect each other... why can't we just wear what we want to wear in life.
We should be doing this in smocks and sweatpants.

If I respected him, I'd tell him to take off his jacket and tie.

In fact, I should see how far I could push that.
Offer him one of my T-shirts.
To really understand what we need, window-wise.

The National Double-Glazing Chain phoned a week later to ask if we were happy with the quote, and can they send the guy to come round again.

Maybe my pants will distract him that we got a local firm to do them instead.

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  1. Maybe I'm going blind, and like all people with bad eyes I can hear people in the street with my super-sharp hearing.

  2. Wait for the guy to have a pretend conversation with his manager about the price and come back to you saying "well he's never done that before" ....

    Tried getting a discount out of British Gas on a boiler replacement... not a sausage


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