Saturday, 22 October 2016

I invented dishwasher tablet pez dispensers and other British Dad Thoughts 8-14 #BritishDadStuff

Sometimes I don't write out my hopes, fears and ideas.

So here, for my kids, are some more of my Dad thoughts from this week.

Blackberry inventor. I hope that clickings in your brain forever.
I want to multi-track it into a song for you.

Things that last 0.38 seconds:
The toy in a Happy Meal™

You can only eat one tub of humous at a time.

Kitchen idea. Dishwasher tablet Pez dispenser.

Hiding places for the kids. We've given up trying.

Things that last 0.385 seconds:
Boys with party hats before they are turned into weapons.

Why are they called "essential oils".
Turns out you can't use them in your car.

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