Thursday, 8 September 2016

Grandmaster Flash on how to be a DJ - fave stuff on the web

This is Grandmaster Flash talking about his Quick Mix Theory - basically, how he invented DJ'ing. He was driven by an obsession to find "The Get Down" bit of the record - a drum break or other solo where everyone would really get down for 2 or 3 bars of music. For some reason he really wanted to work out how to isolate that section and keep it going and going.
He called it The Get Down... "before it went back to the whack part".

Three years he was up in his room with different turntables, down to the type of stylus, trying out different components from Radio Shack... Then one day... with a crayon and two Technics SL-23's...

Grandmaster Flash Talks "The Theory" Of Being A HipHop DJ & The Beginnings Of Hip-Hop

At 16 mins in: His mother - a seamstress - helped him find felt as the perfect material to use as a disc below the record. And he nicked some of her starch to invent the world's first slip mat (the thing that DJ's use to cue up and scratch records - he called it a wafer).

At 20 mins in: "I did the most disrespectful thing you can do to a record... put my fingers on it."

At 29 mins in: My favourite one of his algorithms... 4 B (bars) equals 6 CCR (counter-clockwise revolutions) equals one loop.

Fantastic video - so I've added it to my all-time favourite stuff on the web

It's also... another great chance to add that blog where Grandparents accidentally tag Grandmaster Flash in family Facebook pictures.

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