Saturday, 23 July 2016

Why choose an arts subject for GCSE, or anything #BritishDadStuff

You know you're a Great British Dad...
...when you wonder if it really is about you wanting your kid to get good grades.

I've got a friend who's a teacher.

She's having a hard time getting kids to commit to arts subjects.

Turns out they're under attack from politicians and parents.

I can see why - arts subjects are useless.

There's no manual - there's textbooks, but no manual - so you can't just pass on the right answers.

Which means they're a cowson to grade.

So how are we meant to hit targets for the politicians?

They're unnecessary, and they get in the way of keeping things the way they are.

Anyway, she asked if her mates who've done arts subjects could make a video to say what we did and how it helps.

I did a Drama degree. I'd meet my mates in the bar who'd done Physics in the lab for 8 hours straight.

I'd tell them about how I was a tree.

Or some trust game where I'd been carried around a room by some girls.

It's meant to be useless.

And if you need me to explain why me spending a day as a tree or being carried around by some girls isn't a terrible thing for the world, then that's a bit of a shame... But I'm probably a bit more curious about why we need more people to fit in.

Anyway, here's the go I took...

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