Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Stealing material from my family for my scripts. Or selling Bum World to Cbeebies. #BritishDadStuff

You know that you are a Great British Dad...
...when you try to use your family to make money.

I often steal material for my scripts from my family.

I obviously don't tell them that, and lie that it's through deep observation and careful capture.

But that's because I haven't got round to going through all my cameraphone videos to see if I can get any of them onto You've Been Framed, and steal from them directly.

Ahh, parent-assigned photographic consent.

where baby powder goes

By the way, that one literally just got rejected by You've Been Framed.

ITV didn't want it.

Anyway, I'm stealing this instead:

Look at this lovely thing my daughter built.

She brought it to me.

Thank God she explained it to me.

"It's Daddy. In London."

I love how she's just taken Emma (not Olivia) from the Lego Friends™ to make me by taking off her hair.

There I am, staring at the Monolithic City, with its token bit of greenery.
Not knowing where to start.

My son builds these too.

But this is what I am stealing:
Look at this lovely thing my son made.


Always thinking ahead, like his Dad - he's worked these up like a format.

That's POO LAND™.


Featuring the wee chute and nappy window.

(Those SATS will bang those typos for six.
Thanks Department for Education.)

I don't yet know how I can make money from this.

Perhaps there isn't a way, and that's what defines it as Art.

Though funny that I spend all day writing scripts for this age group, meanwhile kids entertain themselves with things which are completely unbroadcastable.

I'll still see if I can somehow work it into a pitch for Cbeebies.

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