Friday, 20 May 2016

More things said by writers for my big list of thing that writers writ #amwriting #amwritingaboutwriting #thatdoesntcountreally

Time to type up some more quotes from the ones I've scrawled in the back of my notebook, with a photo of a double-rainbow from out the back window to make it look all inspirational.

"What have we got?
Let's look at what we've already got"
-- third hand from Marta Kauffman, she might not have even said these actual words but it helps

"That's what an artist does, channel that revelation,
create something out of it, capture that moment."
-- Bob Lefsetz

"Because that's how an artist goes on, by creating.
Doing it whether anybody pays attention or not."
-- Bob Lefsetz

"If I had known how fast it goes
I would have shown you every day."
-- Wendy Waldman

"How do I know what I think,
until I see what I say?"
-- E.M. Forster

Added them to my How to write stuff page here

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