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More writers quotes - for my big list of how to write story.. #amwriting

Adding this to my "How to Write Story" page - haven't put so many quotes there,

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"Writing is not that hard.
Make up a good story, then let it flow.
Leave the brilliant work to the dead."
-- Stephen J. Cannell

"Choose your stories carefully,
because from now on you will be stuck with them."
-- Stephen J. Cannell

Go around and become the antagonist.
You probably haven't been paying much attention to them.
Now you get in the antagonist's head and you're looking back at the story to date from that point of view.
Plot from the heavy's point of view."
-- Stephen J. Cannell

More Stephen J. Cannell stuff here... His site is really generous

"(To any form of criticism) Thank you. Now I'm going to go back to work."
"When thoughts arise... (which get in the way)
just say the word "thinking" and move on."
-- Seth Godin

"And don't forget Neil Gaiman's... 'Make Good Art'..."

"The next right thing is something small:
washing out your brushes, getting clay, checking online for classes...
There is always one action you can take."
-- From The Artist's Way

"You are not your career.
Your ability to follow instructions is not the secret to your success.
You are hiding your best work. Your best insight.
And best self from us every day.
We know how much you care.
And it's a shame how much the system works overtime to push you away from the people and the projects you care about.
The world does not owe you a living. But just when you needed it.
It has opened the door for you to make a difference.
We need you. Now."
-- Seth Godin

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